Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Been Too Long.

And this is why I have never been able to keep a blog. It always gets put on the backburner to my crazy filled life. I have so much going on. From my husband going back to work and being just me at home again, to school work, to running my YOB, to doing special little things for our family.
Recently we had taken the kids to the city to stay in a Spider Man Themed Room, going swimming, going to the Science Center and Museum. I'm sure as all us mothers know, there is a certain sense of pride when you get to be able to do things like that with your child. My husband works super hard to allow us to enjoy things like this...they don't happen very often, but when they do...I appreciate it much do the kids!!

All 3 (4 if you include my husband) enjoyed every bit of this trip. But of course, it was such a relief to get back into my own house, back into our routine and enjoy life again.
So that was it, that's what I've been up to, enjoying my family...and not so much School.


Friday, February 7, 2014

the only spot a mom can relax

I am sorry to have to do this to you, but for me it is the only spot I just let go of everything, close my eyes and unwind from the day. In a hot, bubble bath at midnight. It just so happens to be around the time you get to yourself.

So here are my thoughts.

Giving up is not an option. Letting go is not an option. Being who I once was... definitely not an option. I have only one, to stay a mother. To learn to embrace that I am not perfect, that I make mistakes and I learn from them. That I have no right answer, but I can find it out, if there happens to be one... somewhere. I look at my children, they have clothes, food, shelter, uncondtional love, and a short tempered mother. I hope I can count on someone out there to agree with me...that sometimes you are not made with patience, but you have to grow into it. That you aren't born to be a parent, but you guide yourself to become one. And it takes trial and error, but don't be too hard on yourself. 

There are days, upon days where I feel like giving up, those are the days when my boys will not listen, when they fist fight, throw things, yell and cry. When Leah May is teething or over tired or hell, JUST put down for a nap and her brothers are too loud where she wakes up 5 minutes after. Literally happens when I sit down, and let out the worlds biggest exhausted sigh. The housework that needs to be done, can not and will not (most days) be done in the day, but rather at 2 am, when you are SURE your littles are tucked into bed. ( I leave the laundry for my boyfriend.. yuck). It almost seems like we, as moms, never get a break... but we think "do we really have the right to a break? I mean, we signed up for this.. this is our job". You are DAMN skippy we deserve a break! ( and dads do too). It is NOT easy, I do not give a flying squirrel what you think, it is just not easy being a SAHM when you have 2+ kids. And a nice hot bath at midnight does not count. I mean a legit, girls day, get pampered break!

We love our job though!! We would NOT change it for the world, this is who we have become, who we have been accustomed too. And it is the BEST damn job out there. So when you feel like enough is enough, remember your little spawns, think about how many smiles they put on your face, how randomly saying "I Love You" makes you feel... because that will change your mind, that right there, makes all those late nights,  all those cries you let out, and all those grey hairs.. worth while!!

Smile and keep on keepin' on mommas!! You rock!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Supper Time?

They shouldn't call it supper time...they should call it "Whatever you make the kids will not eat"

I am more than certain I miss living with my in-laws...the kids ate EVERYTHING. As long as granny made it and served it to them. But at home, they are the worlds pickiest eaters. Tonight, for example, I made pork chops, baby potatoes and corn. I have to tell my boys it is CHICKEN....or they will not eat it. I do not understand is still delicious! And the potatoes!! . GET OUT OF HERE!. I had to peel the skin, give them dip dip (ranch dressing) and MAKE them eat it. As in "If you do not eat it, you will NOT get a treat."
Why are kids picky? I am not forever making Chicken and fries and spaghetti...their 2 favorite meals in the world.
I guess I shouldn't say they are so much as many children do you have that fight to have CUCUMBERS, or LEAVES (lettuce) ? My kids LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE them!! And sometimes trees (broccoli). I think that is it for veggies. They adore their fruit too. So maybe I should stop complaining and calling them least my kid can sit down and eat Broccoli haha.
What are your children's favorite, and most hated food?

This Moment


This Moment : Funny Faces


HOW CUTE ARE THEY!? I tried to take a quiet picture of them watching tv, and they caught it is Funny Faces, and a teething Leah May biting my knee!!!

Up at 630 am, and as my boyfriend puts is going to storm today. I am more than enjoying my kids right now. Does anyone ever think they watch so much cartoons, that you can just recite EACH episode.... I swear I have seen this episode of Strawberry Shortcake more than a handful of times. But, my kids love I suffer through it.


It sure beats them fighting each other and making me go stir-crazy . ...ok ok, so that was a bit of a dream, because as I typed it, my eldest son, pulled over his baby sister and they clashed heads...and I as I look over, I notice the baby gate is down, Brayden is silent and I hear the rustling of a "Coated Peanut" bag...pretty sure he is stealing some. (oh yes, he came in with a bowl full )


But as much as they fight, and yell, and scream and play and drive me nuts.... in this moment, where they are all sitting down now and enjoying a cartoon, a teething toy, and my peanuts...I couldn't imagine my life being any different. I love this Crazy family, and would not change them for the world.

There is the link to Crissy Pages  "This Moment" , where I got the idea. It is crazy when you sit down to just write in the moment, what you really SEE and HEAR. Thanks for that Crissy!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

First Blog!

So excited! With the help of a friend, I have finally created a blog.

So as the description says there is myself, my boyfriend and our 3 crazies, Luca, Brayden and Leah. I am constantly home with my kids, and just started doing school again for a 2nd Diploma. I am also run a YOB! {Your own business}...I am an Independent Tupperware Consultant. My life to me, seems crazy. So welcome to it!!

I honestly do not know what to blog, how much to blog, when to stop, what to say, how to say it and whether or not it is wrong or right! But that, is why I have you...yes you, reading this! Your input will help immensely < - how to spell that word!!. Just jokes!!.

I will post about daily happenings, Pictures of the crazy things my kids do/say, home made crafts (now I have to!) , Products and Reviews, Contests, and also supporting LOCAL businesses! So if you have anything you want a shot out to, please let me know! I hope soon enough I gain enough followers to really kick this blog into gear!

My first Review will be posted up, so make sure you click that button and read up on it!

xoxo the crazies momma.
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